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Gold Investments scam
I was a victim of this kind of scam. Someone close to our family invited me to invest in a gold, bar and because of curiosity and ignorance, I was lured to go with him to see the actual gold bars. I never hesitated to go and pay but before that saying, I checked the gold bars keenly and was stunned to see the 3 gold bars offered to me labeled with 666 from Yamashita. I understood it was a scam and told the man where he got the gold bars. He said that he found them in the cave, placed inside two big sacks. And they kept them in safety per se. I did not pay but told him to wait for me to withdraw money but I never came back to that place. My escort remained and he was scammed when he pawnshop checked the gold bars and told him they were all fake. He lost thousands.
That's really sad. I have not been a victim. To identify gold investment scams, I watch for unrealistic returns and high-pressure sales tactics. I verify company legitimacy, check for proper licensing, and research online reviews. Suspicious activities include lack of transparency, unregistered products, and vague investment details. I consult trusted financial advisors and avoid unsolicited offers to protect my investments from potential fraud.
SWISS GOLD SCAM was one of most popular one's in my country back in the days. It was around 2017 - 2019 this gold scam project was being used to scam a lot of people who wanted to invest in gold. Everyone already know how profitable gold is, it was why luring people easily into the scam paid off for those scammers until it casted when they didn't pay their investors.

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