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What worries did you have before you made any kind of invstment?
Most people will have had an interest in investing in the stock market, whether it was just them being curious or whether it was a strong interest they had, doing research is always wise before you make that jump to invest. Of course, when you are researching investing you will always come across things that may worry you and that worry can lead to you putting off making an investment into a company or even the stock market.

What worries did you have before you made any kind of investment? Were there any worries that you feel others may come across when they consider investing that you feel you could give them some advice on?
I had great worries about the fact that as soon as I invest, the price will immediately start to fall, and this did not happen, and everyone should understand that you are not the main one in the market, so if you invest 100 dollars and the price falls, it does not mean that you are being followed and trying to get you to sell.
I worry about the what if's. What if I lose money, what if the transaction doesn't process, what if I'm investing too much money which I can't afford to lose? All of these cross my mind when trading. But the important thing that I remember is that these are all hypothetical's and haven't actually happened yet.

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