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Trading with Artificial Intelligence
Have you tried trading with the help of a robot? I have tried it but with a broker, and it was a superb experience. It was my first time to trade and the initial capital was $ 100 and my profit was $ 600. I stop in the meantime because I am afraid to lose money. it is not all the time luck is with us. Let us not be afraid to try, just once. What can you say?
No, not yet, and I don't even know if I ever will, I don't like to invest money without following my own criteria, that is, I don't like that artificial intelligence is making decisions for me, that in itself, makes me feel insecure about my operations, you should never trust anything or anyone so much, at least that's how I think.
Trading with Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves using algorithms to analyze market data and execute trades. AI can identify patterns and predict trends more quickly than humans. For example, hedge funds use AI to manage large portfolios by automatically buying and selling assets based on real-time data. Retail investors might use AI-powered platforms like QuantConnect to develop and test trading strategies, benefiting from enhanced accuracy and speed in decision-making.

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