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Would you send out leaflets for a new business?
Having a new business can be daunting and one of the main worries of starting a new business is how you are going to reach new eyes and new customers. One good way to bring in new customers and get new eyes onto your business is through leaflets. These can be quite effective and in some cases can be within budget to get printed in bulk which is ideal. 

Would you ever consider sending out leaflets for a new business? What would be your worry if you did choose to use leaflets as a method to advertise your new business?
It would depend on the crowd. Well, I tried something like that for music lessons in the past and it worked well. It wasn't leaflets, but it was just ads places on bulletin boards.

Anyway, it works for some niches, but note that I tried the same thing for my first online business attempt (It was an online store that was hyped up on TV to make money, lol.) and it didn't work at all!
I will definitely do that. When I began my business, I marketed a lot as I was working on ensuring that a lot of people both online and offline know about my business. This was what I did that helped me become better in the business. So, I don't see any reason business owners, especially emerging ones, should not give out leaflets to potential customers to know about their business.

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