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Do you evade taxation?
The goal of a business is to maximise profit. Every business owner is always looking at a point where they will have to avoid spending too much on taxation.  Do you have a strategy that you use to evade taxation in your home country? What does the law say about it?
I pay my business taxes whenever they are due. I don't want to have anything which is going to interfere with my business activities. Taxes are too much but I can cope with it because my business is profitable.
No, I don't evade my taxes, and I don't think it's the wisest thing to do, it's better to try to do things correctly than regret later for not doing things properly, the law is tough here for tax evaders.
Some rock stars and other celebrities go to Switzerland or somewhere else to escape taxes. Do you feel that is right? I mean, take the UK, for instance. It has a huge welfare program and these rich people have a lot to put in the money pool.

Myself, I don't evade taxes cause it seems like weaseling out of paying your fair share.
In my country, business taxes are not high enough, so there is simply no need to evade payment, because this money will not bring much happiness, but if it is not paid, it will bring more problems. Although there are owners who try to work dishonestly, but they do not have any problems, but I think that it will not last long.

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