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Do you hire transportation for moving your products from the production sector?
Logistics is needed in any business witch is into production and development. Every products which have been processed will need to be transported to where they will be packaged and sold. 

Does your business have it's own in-house transportation for logistics and supply or do you hire transportation company's services for this?
Of course, I would like to provide these services to some company so that they can also earn money, but I do not have enough free money yet to pay for any services that are not so difficult to do myself. I need to drive and buy products for making snacks that I sell, so it is not difficult for me to take a car and drive around and buy it myself.
I work with a company that has got their buses for transporting our products. The truth is that hiring other buses would increase the cost of production. So, we work with what we have on ground.

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