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Online english tutor
There is this company Engoo who offers people around the world to become tutors for Asian students considering they are really bad when it comes to English. They pay you 1.4 dollars per 25 minute class (one on one). Sometimes you have bonuses depending on promotion. When I did this aside, 4 hours per day, I could earn 200 dollars. So, it doesn't take that much time but you can earn. If you work full time, and have strong base of students, you can earn above 400 dollars. It seems small for top tier countries but for poor countries is more than minimum wage in those countries, plus you work from home.

So, if anyone is interested:
Also, you don't have to work there to have free material:

Consider these materials as my gift to you Wink
Wow, this seems like a very good opportunity for someone to make money from. I haven't considered taking up such work before but this one looks very tasty to pass up. I'm going to look into it more and see how I'm going to take part. Making $400 from doing this isn't a small amount of money.
I'm not into doing the English thing, but I would like to get into math and science tutoring. Anyway, the competition is fierce though (on Wyzant or Fiverr), unless you can get hired by or something similar if it's out there. Well, the pay can be good even for a US citizen.

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