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Should all countries offer free healthcare?
Something I have noticed is only certain countries offer healthcare and others either offer health insurance which can be costly or you have to pay full for your medical fees which can be a huge problem for some. 

I know in the UK we have the NHS which even though it does have its issues, is a good healthcare system. We also have private healthcare as well that we can pay for if we wish so we have a choice of the two. 

What are your thoughts? Should all countries offer free healthcare? 
All countries can't handle it maybe. Well, Cuba is a developing nation, but they're Communist, so doctors might be forced to comply. Anyway, I'm sure a low level healthcare could be possible everywhere, assuming no strong government coercion.
All countries should aim to offer free healthcare to ensure equal access for all citizens. For example, countries like the UK and Canada successfully provide universal healthcare, improving public health and reducing inequality. While challenging due to costs and infrastructure needs, reallocating budgets and prioritizing healthcare can make it feasible. Implementing efficient systems and investing in preventive care can help manage expenses and enhance feasibility.

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